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Dojang (School) Rules


Dojang (school) Rules:

  • Students will bow, as a form of respect to the instructors and upon entering and leaving the floor.
  • Students will behave at all times like ladies and gentlemen both inside and outside the Dojang. 
  • We  have a 3 strike rule of fighting outside the school. If you’re the  cause of a fight (at fault), or blatant display of disrespect to  parents. After the 3rd warning you will be asked to leave the Dojang. 
  • There will be no “sparring” without the expressed permission of the instructor. 
  • Students will not chew gum in the Dojang.
  • Students under 18 are expected to be mindful of their school work and aim to try their best.
  • Students that wish to progress through belt testing shall attend a min of 2 classes per week.
  • Students that wish to compete (Invite Only) will be expected to attend the sparring class.
  • Students will maintain a respectful attitude at all times. 
  • Personal cleanliness is essential. Finger and toe nails must be kept short along with the use of deodorant.
  • No watches, or other dangerous jewelry may be worn during class.
  • Students shall keep their uniforms clean.
  • Students shall not engage in loud talking or laughing, nor will profanity be tolerated in the Dojang.
  • All students must perform, to the best of their ability, the required lessons and forms.
  • Students will not arrive earlier than 15 minutes to their class time. ( excludes higher ranks for teaching )


Korean Terms


  • Kwanjangnim –                Grandmaster
  • Sabumnim –                    Master
  • Kyo Sanim –                    Instructor
  • Charyut –                        attention
  • Gukki ye –                       flag
  • Kyung ye –                      Bow
  • Kam sa ham nida –         Thank you
  • Anyong ha shim neeka – Hello, How are you?
  • (formal)
  • Anyon ha say oh –          Hello ? (informal)
  • Anyon Ga say oh –         Good by (informal)
  • Jhoon bi –                       ready stance (poomse)
  • Shi ja –                           Begin
  • Kuman –                        Stop
  • Baro –                            Return
  • Poomsae –                     Form
  • Dobok –                         Uniform
  • Dojang –                        School
  • Kihap -                           Yell


Korean Numbers

 1.     Hana
2.     Dul
3.     Set
4.     Net
5.     Dasut
6.     Yasut
7.     Eol Gup
8.     Yodul
9.     Ahop
10.  Yol 

High White Belt Poomsae ( form 1)

High White Poomsae

Yellow Belt Poomsae ( form 2)


High Yellow Belt Poomsae ( form 3)

High Yellow

Green Belt Poomsae ( form 4 )


High Green Belt Poomsae ( form 5 )

High Green

Blue Belt Poomsae ( form 6 )


High Blue Belt Poomsae ( form 7 )

High Blue

Red Belt Poomsae ( form 8)